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Welcome to We cover the NBA, NFL, MLB, NCAA football and NCAA men's basketball. As a privately held sports investment firm, we release reliable investment advice and concentrate on wagering lines, odds and pointspreads. Let us prove to you why we should be your favorite sports betting site for online sports betting.

As sports fans ourselves, we understand that it's always more enjoyable watching a sporting event when a few bucks are invested on the game.

We hope that you'll join us for your next sporting event! If you have questions that require immediate assistance you may contact us at (702) 967-1778.

No games currently available. Check back with us next season!

No games currently available. Check back with us next season!


No games currently available. Check back with us next season!
keeps things very simple for our clients.
Our games and packages are very simple and easy to order.
We offer our Games of the Day which are single plays, designed for serious players that like to wager large amounts on one single or key play. Then, we offer our two or three teamer "power parlays" which of course can make more cash on a smaller investment. Our single plays or parlays are both priced at affordable prices.

Should you wish to play for an entire week, we also offer weekly packages that are available at reduced pricing for seven days.

Once you have decided what sport and package you would like to purchase simply complete your purchase through ClickBank, our payment processor. Once your payment is processed, you'll be e-mailed your selections. It's that easy!

Like parlay action? Prefer to play a single game? We offer it all without the games and gimmicks other sites offer. Check out the navigation links at the top of this page for the parlay and single game pricing that are available for today's action. Have questions before you order? You can Email us or contact us directly at (702) 967-1778 and our customer support staff can assist you.


While we work very hard to release to our clients winning information, we make no guarantees that our selections and information will win and that you will make money on any investments made. All sales are final. Contact us with any questions before you purchase!

Please remember! The American Dictionary defines gambling as 1. "Play for stakes a game of chance." 2. "Uncertain venture." If you don't understand what that means, please contact us before you purchase our service(s).