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Celebrating 16 years in the industry as professionals, we offer a no nonsense approach to the games we release. We offer no gimmicks or pie in the sky promises, just an old fashioned work ethic that is second to none. Our games are released when we determine value and release only a select few games a day. Ever wonder how other services will release a "Game of the Year" every weekend? We feel our clients deserve better than that and would love for you to give us a try and see the difference.

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Welcome to SportsWagers-selections.com We cover the NBA, NFL, MLB, NCAA football and NCAA men's basketball. As a privately held sports investment firm, we release reliable investment advice and concentrate on wagering lines, odds and point spreads. Let us prove to you why we should be your favorite sports investment site for sports betting tips. If you are looking for NFL picks or NBA picks, MLB picks and college picks, let us show you how we can improve your winning percentage today.

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You need us in your corner! Why? Because Las Vegas, off-shore sports books, on-line casinos and your bookie are dominating you!

Stats show that only 19% of self-advised bettors will win on any given weekend. That percentage drops throughout the course of the sports season. Many try repeatedly to win on their own terms but lose again and again. The only reliable method is to have the information we have which the general public simply doesn't have the time or resources to gather.  



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#969 Seattle Mariners -150

#970 Detroit Tigers +140 (10)

Suggest play on the money line and take the Mariners @ -150

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